Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Introducing Mr Acorn!

This is one of my multiples / small run projects. Mr Acorn is a kit assembly character that comes with all the necessary parts and instructions to create your own Mr Acorn Character. I used to make lots of "Mr Acorns" when I was young using the same materials that are included in the box. Mr Acorn is unique to his owner -  You can make your Mr Acorn grumpy, sad, mad or happy just from how you put his eyes on and draw his mouth. Mr Acorn is a seasonal product. I hand pick the finest Acorns with only the best hats, sometimes this means that not many Mr Acorn Kits are made, because I can't bear to include a less than perfect model acorn into the kit.

The Mr Acorn box measures approx. 60 x 80 x 35mm. Box and inner contents are designed, printed and hand constructed from board and paper.

If this year is a good year for Acorns, Mr Acorn may be available to purchase this coming autumn and winter. If not, Mr Acorn is still about in another guise and medium . . . keep watching.

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